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SoundPLAN Acoustics

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SoundPLAN® was one of the very first noise modeling softwares on the market, debuting in 1986.

The core of  SoundPLAN is the prediction of noise in the environment. Noise emitted by various sources propagates and disperses over a given terrain in accordance to the laws of physics. There was/is a need to standardize the prediction models worldwide and engineering groups felt the need to algorithmize the principles of acoustics so that different engineers assessing the same scenario would get reasonably close answers.

Momentarily, with the available calculation power of computers, it is possible to use equations that are becoming more and more complex to better represent the nature of sound propagation in the environment.

Hand calculations are still possible for straight forward situations and can only be used as indications of the expected sound levels.


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SoundPLAN 9.0

The new version 9.0 of SoundPLANnoise is available with many new features:

SoundPLANessential 5.1

The new SoundPLANessential 5.1 has been released including CNOSSES_EU.


SoundPLANmanda is our easy to use mapping and analysis software for noise at work.

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We are your professional and innovative partner when it comes to the development of software solutions or concepts for noise abatement. Our products SoundPLANnoise and SoundPLANessential are the best examples of this. With our professional noise simulation software, we offer you exactly the right tool for your problems. Find out which software meets your requirements best.