About Us

SoundPLAN Asia Company Profile

The main office of SoundPLAN GmbH is located in Germany. At this head office in Backnang, all development, testing and consulting take place. It’s also the hub for worldwide licensing.
SoundPLAN Asia Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, acts as sales and support office for all distributors in the Asian region.
All SoundPLAN offices can also perform consulting using SoundPLAN software.

Acoustic Consulting

Only after air pollution (WHM studies), noise is the highest environmental nuisance. Awareness is rising that noise is not only a nuisance but can be dangerous for the human body as well.

SoundPLAN software can help in city planning and predicting the noise impact before building roads, industries, airports etc.

SoundPLAN ISO9001 2008

SoundPLAN Asia is a competent partner to help solve your noise problems. If you are interested in the possibility of having us do a project for you or helping with our expertise or a peer review of your consulting work, please send us a mail.


If the job would be too big for SoundPLAN Asia we’ll consult with the headoffice SoundPLAN GmbH in Germany, their team consists of engineers, geographers, physicists and computer science specialists. Our team generates cutting-edge engineering solutions which we to the global market in the format of our SoundPLAN software. 

Have any noise problems?

Please do consult our engineers for your noise problem, we have over 35 years experience with solving noise issues.