Product Comparison

SoundPLANnoise and SoundPLANessential

The right software for every requirement

Whether you are faced with writing noise reports in connection with construction projects, a range of tasks in the field of environmental acoustics or the assessment and optimization of an open-plan office: With SoundPLAN you are always good to go.


SoundPLANessential, as a cost-effective option for standard noise reports in environmental acoustics, offers you the basis for fast and high-quality results – even if your main focus is not on noise protection.


If your field of activity changes and SoundPLANessential is no longer sufficient for your requirements, you can easily upgrade to the SoundPLANnoise package that suits you best at any time.


SoundPLANnoise is equally suitable for all facets of noise immission control, noise at the workplace or room acoustics, and small projects or nationwide noise mapping. Thanks to the flexible combination of modules, which allows you to only buy what you really need, you will find the perfect personal software package. Later expansions are possible at any time. The rental option for the whole software or for individual modules allows for further flexibility.

Comparison of SoundPLANnoise and SoundPLANessential




Calculation of road, railway, industry noise and noise from parking lots


Indoor noise calculations


Calculation of room acoustic parameters


Configuration of facade sound reduction


Aircraft noise calculations


Calculation of a digital ground model (DGM)


Automated optimization of noise protection walls and berms


Use of digital background maps for input and output


Connection to Google Earth / Google Maps


Elevations from Google Earth / Google Maps


Interface to ASCII, DXF and Shape files for the model data import


Import of object properties (e.g. building height)


Import of OpenStreetMap


Import of CityGML


Connection to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and WMS Server


Intelligent filters for imported elevation data


Two variants for the calculation with and without noise protection


Free variants


Distribution of the geometry data to any number of files and in any desired sorting (e.g. for efficiently editing the data currently required for large investigation areas)


Simple tools to adjust the geometry (e.g. duplicate, parallel object, place objects to DGM)


Efficient and high-level tools to modify selected geometry data (e.g. combining areas, creating embankments)


Checking and changing the object properties of all entered objects in a clearly organized table


Enhanced data management for large projects (noise mapping)


Industrial buildings with automatically generated sources based on the noise levels inside


Calculations of single frequencies, octave and third octave bands


Library for source emission spectra


Library for transmission and absorption


Time history for the sources hour by hour


2D, 2D rotational and 3D directivity


High-performance calculation core with dynamic search algorithms


Multi-threaded calculations for multi-core CPU


Distributed computing - calculation with multiple PCs in a network


User-defined calculation job management (unattended processing of several calculation jobs)


Single receiver calculations


Grid noise map calculations


Facade noise map calculations


Dynamic triangulated meshed noise map


Cross-sectional noise map


Integrated spreadsheet


Documentation of the noise sources in tabular format


Documentation of the results in tabular format


Optimization of noise reduction concepts for industrial sources


Single receiver map with level tables and contour maps


Noise contour maps with free selection of scales, colors etc.


User-defined configuration of the drawing properties of objects (buildings, roads, ...) for the printout


Arithmetic with noise maps (e.g. difference, energetic addition)


Cartographical enhancements for the graphics (user-specific patterns, multiple plots on a sheet, ...)


Map sections and overview map


3D solid view of the model data while generating the model


3D view overlaid with results, animated noise maps


Modular software structure - only buy the required modules


Individually executable programs (e.g. process calculations and data modelling at the same time)