SAROOMA room acoustics software

SAROOMA room acoustics software

Optimized for perfect room acoustic design

The Sarooma Room Acoustics Calculator for Windows is tailored to the needs of professional acousticians, designers, and planners.
It offers a wide range of functions and numerous possibilities for an individualized acoustical room concept. It offers acoustic calculations based on Sabine’s formula for the diffuse sound fi eld and compares if requirements from a user-chosen standard and room usage are met. All calculations are performed in octaves in
the frequency ranges from 125 Hz to 4 kHz. The required target figures are derived depending on the chosen regulatory standard.
In addition to the reverberation time itself, this is, for example,
the entire equivalent absorption area in the room or the noise reduction by means of sound-absorbing measures in the diffuse sound field outside the reverberation radius. The current version allows planning in German and English language according to the following standards:
– DIN 18041
– ÖNORM B 8115-3
– Arrêté du 25 avril 2003
– NF S 31-080
– PN-B-02151-4
– ASR 3.7
– VDI 2569

Further standards are added regularly.

Projects allow structured work environment
Several individual rooms can be grouped into projects and stored in a single fi le. If you want, you can use the auto-save function. Copying of rooms allows for easy variants and starting points.

Variable planning strategies

The user can plan rooms based on the given geometry alone or on a mixture of architectural design and the measurement of the reverberation time. It is possible to import reverberation times measured with devices from
Norsonic and NTi Audio. Results of several series of measurements can be averaged during import.

Rich absorber product database

The Room Acoustics Software contains a constantly updated product database (PublicData) with currently over 3200 up-to-date sound absorbing products from 31 manufacturers. More than 90 standard or published literature values for building materials (flooring, walls, windows, etc.) and over 30 data sets for various constellations of
persons and furnishings.

Synced absorption values

You can add an unlimited number of your own product data (PrivateData). If you work in a team, you can share and collaborate on your data. Your Sarooma-Team-Cloud takes care of data synchronization effortlessly without your involvement.

Easy and flexible documentation with Word Export

Once the planning of a room is finished, the project can be exported to a Word document and edited there. For each room two tables are created – one with the information about the room, the furniture, and the absorbers
and one with the results of the calculation.

Several user-friendly ways to find your ideal absorber

The Chart Gallery offers you a quick overview of the absorption graph for all (chosen) products in tiles. Naturally, filtering and sorting is considered. The context menu is also available in the Chart Gallery. Filters and a Full Text Search further facilitate finding a fitting absorber. Another great way to find matching products under given circumstances is the products’ color coding in the Product Select Box: The program calculates for each of the
products whether it meets the requirements of the standard in the chosen quantity. The product appears in black font if it does, light gray if it does not and in dark gray if it almost fi ts the requirements. This enables you to immediately assess which products are suitable under given conditions.

Planning for different occupancy states

In addition to the specifications of the standards, it is possible to have the reverberation time calculated for different occupancy states. For example, to estimate whether a large seminar room is also suitable for a small audience.

Seamless integration with SoundPLANnoise

There is an interface available to easily transfer product data from the Sarooma Database to the SoundPLANnoise Absorption Library and use it with the sound particle model, for geometrically more complex room setups.


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