Maintenance, Licenses & Rent

Maintenance, licenses, rent

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Always up to date

With SoundPLANnoise you have an innovative noise software at your disposal which is constantly being developed and kept up to date, because only continuous development and adaptation to the respective requirements guarantee that you can carry out your projects at a high standard.


Therefore, SoundPLAN offers you a maintenance contract after the one-year warranty. This provides you with free program updates as well as the latest features and tools. We implement customer requirements in the shortest possible time and offer you new developments quickly and easily. In addition, you can always contact your distributor directly via telephone and e-mail for questions, requests and suggestions as well as for technical problems.


The maintenance contract has a duration of one year.

Simple licensing model

In the case of SoundPLANnoise, you have the option of purchasing different licenses.

The single user license is protected with a dongle. You can install the software on any number of computers in your office or home office, and the license will be valid on whichever computer the dongle is inserted in.

The network license allows you to work with SoundPLANnoise simultaneously, depending on the number of licensed workstations. With the borrow function, you can temporarily transfer a SoundPLAN license to a notebook computer so that you can work with SoundPLANnoise anytime and anywhere outside your network environment.

Renting instead of buying

You can also rent SoundPLANnoise on a monthly basis.

Test without obligation - then decide

Before deciding on a purchase, you can test the program package of your choice free of charge for four weeks. Please contact your local distributor for more information.