Noise Types

Road and rail

Emissions from roads, railways and car parks are entered or imported via different standardised traffic data sets.


Calculation of point, line and area sources, industrial halls, wind turbines, parking lots, open-air concerts, noise at the workplace (exposure levels).


Indoor Noise

Sound propagation in the interior according to VDI 3760 and an advanced sound particle model with diffraction to calculate working noise and room acoustics. Calculation of the interior level from the properties of the interior sources.


Room acoustics

Calculation of reverberation times and various room acoustic parameters such as speech intelligibility STI, deflection distance or confidence interval according to ISO 3382-3:2012 and E VDI 2569, auralization.


Aircraft noise

Calculation of any descriptors, such as Leq, maximum level, NAT exceedance frequency, threshold value after NAT, wake-up probability, ANEF (Australian Noise Exposure Forecast). Maximum level statistics for the individual aircraft classes or the sum.