Façade Noise Map

Facade Noise Map

Facade Noise Map is the perfect tool for generating the base data for END statistics. Calculations are carried out for every floor of all enabled (mainly residential) buildings. The program can create receivers with a constant spacing along the façade or with a fixed number per façade. The post-processing can be done in the SoundPLAN Spreadsheet for numerical answers or in the Graphics for colour-coded display of the answers. In the top view, it is possible to colour each façade with the maximum noise level found on the façade or to mark facades that exceed the noise limit or that are quiet facades. In the 3-D Graphics, a niche display is to place a colour blob in the place of each receiver and have the colour-coordinated with the noise scale. Other options are a full area display of the façade areas. If users have access to the Grid Noise Map and the Façade Noise Map, a third noise map, the Meshed map, automatically becomes available.


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